Home Office pay offer 2023-24: PCS campaign getting results on pay

The Home Office has published its pay offer for 2023-24 and civil servants, including Border Force Officers and Passport Officers, are to receive up to a 13% pay rise after a vigorous campaign by PCS.

In addition to the £1,500 lump sum negotiated by PCS that will be paid in July, there are proposed consolidated pay rises of:

  • AA (administrative assistant) £2,680, equivalent to a pay rise of up to 13.1%
  • AO (administrative officer) £2,400, equivalent to a 9.1% pay rise for AOs in London, or up to 10.7% for AOs in the rest of the country.

Other grades follow a more complex process, but the headline increases are:

  • EO (Executive Officer) pay rise of up to 9.3%
  • HEO (Higher Executive Officer) pay rise of up to 7.9%
  • SEO (Senior Executive Officer) pay rise of up to 7.2%
  • G7 (Grade 7) pay rise of up to 6.9%
  • G6 (Grade 6) pay rise of up to 6.2%.

All staff are guaranteed at least 4.5%. But it is clear from the figures that thousands of staff are in line to get consolidated increases well beyond 4.5% as the award has maximised what can be provided within the parameters set by the 2023/24 Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance.  

This has been the result of a vigorous PCS campaign on pay that has led to significant concessions. This doesn’t fully meet our 10% claim, so we won’t be recommending acceptance, however it is significantly more than the 2% members were in line to get had we not taken strike action.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This significant achievement for our members comes as result of their determination and resilience. 

“But it’s only the first department. As we begin negotiations in other departments, the government should take note of our members’ resolve and that we stand ready to ballot and strike again if the government fails to deliver.” 

We will be consulting members over the next two weeks on the details of the offer and will then put in a formal response to the Home Office. The Home Office is intending to implement in August pay backdated to 1 July.

Members in the Home Office can join one of the following PCS meetings to hear more about the pay offer and put forward their views:

  • Tuesday 25 July - noon to 1pm
  • Tuesday 25 July - 5.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Monday 31 July - noon to 1pm
  • Monday 31 July - 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Register online for one of the meetings.