House of Commons security staff vote for strike action

94% of members who voted said they were prepared to take strike action after being told they must work extra night shifts.

In the ballot that closed today (9), 94.63% of members voted for strike action and 97.06% for action short of a strike, on a 79.23% turnout, 

Members have been told they must work extra night shifts to cover for a lack of staff. 

PCS met management last week and asked them to withdraw the new roster, give members a proper work/life balance and recruit staff to cover vacancies. PCS will continue to seek a satisfactory resolution, through negotiation if possible, and the overwhelming support for strike action in the ballot will give us a strong position in talks. However the branch will meet shortly to start discussing strike dates.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “For our members on shift work, their rosters are just as important as pay. They are angry their department is permanently understaffed, the rosters were imposed, and that their work/life balance appears to be of little or no consequence to their managers.  

“The way they have been poorly treated by their managers in recent times has contributed to the turn-out and the result of the ballot: members in the past have had their seats taken away, meaning they have to stand, often for twelve-hour shifts, wearing heavy security clothing. 

 “They see staff leaving or going on long term sick, and the burden of service delivery falls upon those who remain. The new rosters do not alleviate the burden. No wonder they are telling management: 'Enough is enough'."

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