ISS members back on strike over pay

A loud and lively picket line today (9) on Victoria Street in London kicked off five further days of action by PCS members working in three major Whitehall departments.

Around 100 PCS members working for the outsourced facilities management company ISS are taking industrial action this week (9-13 October) after being offered an insulting below-inflation pay rise. 

Members, who are calling for an end to outsourcing, job security and for the company to formally recognise PCS, are also angry that ISS have refused to re-enter talks.  

The new action follows the well-supported strike at the beginning of last month, when members took action for five days. 

It is being taken by cleaners, security guards and support staff working for ISS at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, the Department for Business and Trade, and the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology. 

At a time when inflation is running at 6.8%, members are angry at being offered a 2.2% rise, which represents a real-terms pay cut. 

Today at the first picket line of the week on Victoria Street in central London, around 40 members gathered to wave PCS flags, carry placards, blow horns and leaflet passers-by. 

Duncan, a PCS rep on the picket line, said that members are furious that they have been offered just 2.2% and that ISS “have not responded to our demands for improvements in terms and conditions”. 

“We work alongside civil servants on much better pay, longer holidays, access to more paid sick leave, and this difference cannot be justified,” he said. “ISS have made huge profits by suppressing our wages, this is unfair and must end.” 

He added: “Striking is never easy and is a last resort but ISS refuse to negotiate with our reps. We are determined to continue and to escalate our action until we win. We have taken them on before and always won and we will win again.” 

Just like during the previous five days of strike action, members working for ISS today enjoyed widespread support from civil service colleagues, the TUC and other unions. 

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