ISS Transfer Update

Colleagues employed in Soft Facilities Management (FM) roles in London and Hard FM roles in Scotland transferred to ISS on 1 November. 

PCS representatives called an urgent meeting with ISS on 16 November, following members raising several serious problems related to the transfer. 

The issues discussed were:

 1. Staff being moved from monthly to fortnightly pay

This affects those of you who are cleaners and caterers. 

Staff not being paid on the first ISS pay date

16 November was the first pay date for ISS staff (cleaners and caterers) who have been moved to a bi-weekly pay date. We have been informed of a number of staff who were not paid. 

ISS are urgently checking the reason why these staff have not been paid. They’ve suggested it might be because there is an error in the bank details provided. 

If after checking, ISS agree you are owed wages, they will arrange for an emergency payment to be made within 24 hours. ISS have given us a single point of contact within the company so that all pay problems reported to PCS can be looked into urgently. 

If you were expecting to be paid but have not please contact the ISS payroll helpline on 07714 277829. Alternatively, you can contact Kim Hendry at PCS on 0776 506 7082. 

Staff not receiving two weeks’ pay as expected.

During the TUPE consultation ISS confirmed to staff moving from monthly to a bi-weekly pay frequency that they would receive two weeks’ pay on 16 November and there would be no financial detriment. ISS are now saying that staff were only due to be paid three days' pay for 1 – 5 November on 16 November. 

Your representatives made it clear that this is totally unacceptable. Not only will this cause the lowest paid staff significant hardship, the timing, just before Christmas is awful. 

We have asked ISS to urgently consider our request to keep staff on a monthly pay frequency, and to be paid on the 28th of the month. ISS have taken this away for consideration and will contact us shortly to let us know the deadline for providing their decision. 

  1. Supply of uniforms

Your representatives have reported to ISS that many staff have not received the required uniform e.g. only one t-shirt has been provided and no safety shoes. ISS have agreed to check and confirm when adequate supplies of uniforms will be provided. We will provide a further update once received. 

In the meantime, ISS have agreed that staff can wear your own smart clothes if required. 

  1. PCS union recognition

PCS union recognition transfers to ISS. Your PCS representatives will meet with ISS shortly to agree the final wording of our recognition agreement which will set out how your union collectively bargains over pay, hours, and other issues. 

The transfer to ISS is unfortunately throwing up many problems for which your representatives will continue to hold ISS to account. It has never been more important than now to be a PCS member. During this transfer, union members have demonstrated that acting collectively gets results.  

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