It's pay review time

There are a number of important pay related issues happening in April. Firstly, both the national minimum wage and statutory sick pay rates will increase. Secondly, your 2024 FM pay claim has been agreed by PCS National Executive Committee.

National Minimum Wage and statutory sick pay uplift – don’t lose out
From the 1 April, the legal minimum wage will increase from £10.42 to £11.44 per hour. All employers are legally obliged to increase workers’ pay.

The rate of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will also increase from £109.40 to £116.75 per week on the 6 April. The lower earnings threshold, the amount employees must earn to qualify for SSP, remains unchanged at £123 per week.

If you earn the minimum wage and receive SSP, your employer is required to make the increases in your next pay packet and there cannot be a delay of more than one month from the increase dates above.

If you do not see an increase by May, please get in touch at and we will provide you with support to get what you are legally entitled to.

Your PCS representatives will continue to fight bad employers who only pay the minimum wage or statutory sick pay. Our 2024 pay claim is calling for £15 per hour to be the minimum wage and that all facilities staff receive contractual sick pay from day one of illness, in all areas where PCS organises.

PCS National Executive agrees 2024 Facilities Management pay claim
Your National Executive Committee (NEC) have agreed the 2024 pay claim for Facilities Management (FM) members when they met in March.

Following a consultation exercise with members on what you would like addressed by your 2024 pay claim, your feedback was considered by the NEC who agreed the following claim:

  • A minimum living wage of £15 per hour, or an increase that matches inflation, plus 5 per cent, whichever is the greater.
  • A pay differential of £3 per hour is maintained between operatives and team leaders/supervisors.
  • A minimum £5,000 consolidated London Weighting provision.
  • Safe, contractual sick pay from day one regardless of earnings or job role.
  • Terms and conditions to brought in line with the best available in the civil service and apply with effect from 1 November 2024. Minimally, to include 30 days annual leave (in addition to Bank Holidays); three months paid sick pay, rising each year of service to five months; and redundancy terms of one month for every year of service.
  • A significant shortening of the working week, with no loss of pay.
  • That employers pay for SIA Licenses and allow paid time off for SIA training.
  • That employers provide clear and accurate pay slips, so that employees can fully understand how their wages have been calculated and that on demand, these pay slips be provided in hard copy.
  • PCS company-wide trade union recognition for all central government contracts.
  • That employers take action to close the Gender and Race Pay Gap by 2030 and agree with PCS a company-wide Disability Action plan which seeks to break down any barriers to employing and retaining staff with disabilities.

Steps are now being put in place to lodge the claim in all FM areas where PCS organises.