New shift working and Public and Privilege Holidays Policy agreed with MoD

A PCS working party was instrumental in negotiations to ensure members will be able to claim the correct hours and receive the correct pay.

PCS has agreed a new shift working and Public and Privilege Holidays (PPH) policy with the Ministry of Defence.

The agreement comes after a long period of consultation and negotiation with the employer. The previous arrangements were confusing and applied inconsistently (and therefore unfairly) at local level, meaning that some staff had to use annual leave for public holidays. There are 6 contracts and various shift patterns, which led to further complications in the way the previous arrangements were applied.

PCS formed a working group, which was consulted on the proposed changes as well as giving vital input which led to numerous changes in the final agreement. The new PPH policy means that shift workers will now be able to claim the correct hours, and receive the correct pay rates, when working on public holidays,

PCS has also gained an agreement that the new PPH Policy and how it works will be presented clearly to staff through training sessions. More details of these will be provided by the employer. A briefing pack will be provided so that both current and future staff have a reference point as to how the new arrangements work and there is also an updated and final version of the flowchart which staff can use to work out how it’s applied.

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