New year court hearing over pensions robbery

PCS and four other unions are due to challenge the government in court over the ongoing robbery of civil service pension scheme members’ money.

For more than three years, members have been owed a 2% cut in pension contributions, following a valuation of the scheme. The government refuses to refund the money that our members have overpaid, meaning average losses of more than £1,000 each.

We have launched the joint legal action to challenge an attempt by the government to rip up rules that allow members to benefit from favourable valuations of the pension scheme. The High Court has given permission for our judicial review application to go ahead, and the hearing is scheduled for the last week of January 2023.

Legal action is a powerful tool. But we must also use this upcoming period of industrial action to put maximum pressure on this government to listen to its employees and pay back the money our members are owed.

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