Ofsted Pay Update

PCS has been in negotiations with Ofsted over pay. We will hold a members' meeting on Thursday 16 November at 6pm, via Zoom to give a full update and hear your views.

The departmental trade union side (DTUS) consisting of PCS, FDA and Unison met with Ofsted on 31 October and 1 November for 2023-24 Ofsted pay negotiations. 

Summary of Ofsted’s Pay Offer

Ofsted has announced the 2023-24 pay offer as:

  • C1: 6% 
  • B3: 5.5%
  • B2 - SHMI/SA/PO: 4.5%  

In addition, there will be enhancements to the employee benefits package (The Ofsted Offer), a working group is to be set up to review the issue of working hours for inspector colleagues and to resume discussions with the DTUS on developing a pay flexibility business case.

All staff whether on 36hrs or 37hrs are to receive the above pay offer. 

Ofsted confirm agency staff who have been in post for 12 weeks or more will be eligible for the full pay offer, including any backdated pay.

The DTUS worked hard and collaboratively to push Ofsted for their best and final pay offer for all Ofsted staff. 

PCS Rejects Ofsted’s Pay Offer

The Ofsted PCS branch executive committee has decided to reject Ofsted's pay offer for 2023-24 as it falls below the PCS national pay claim for a 10% rise and as set out in the DTUS pay claim. During a cost-of-living crisis and 13 years of pay restraint across the civil service, Ofsted’s pay offer falls well short of our demands and what you all deserve.

Therefore, PCS will not be balloting members on the pay offer. 

However, PCS acknowledges that the collective bargaining arrangements have been adhered to during the pay negotiations and PCS has informed Ofsted that we are content for Ofsted to progress the 2023-24 Ofsted pay offer to staff. 

FDA and Unison will be balloting their members on the Ofsted pay offer.

PCS Members' Meeting

PCS is holding a members' meeting to discuss the pay offer on Thursday 16 November, at 6pm on Zoom.  The Zoom link and joining details will be sent to your personal email address. Please update your personal contact details on PCS Digital to ensure you do not miss essential messages. 

If you have any queries or comments on the pay offer or if you don't receive the joining details for the members' meeting, please email pcsmailbox@ofsted.gov.uk

Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance

The government’s updated 2023 -2024 pay remit guidance sets average pay awards across the civil service of 4.5% pay rise along with an additional 0.5% per cent increase for the lowest grades, of the total pay budget. 

TUS Pay Claim

  • 10% pay rise (or in line with inflation if higher).
  • Address working hours and workloads.
  • Address Retention
  • Address recruitment freeze and its impact
  • Use as much of the Performance Related Pay non-consolidated pot for  consolidated monies.

Get Involved

There is a role to play in PCS for every member. If you would like more information on getting involved in PCS, then please contact your local rep or email pcsmailbox@ofsted.gov.uk.

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