PCS and Atos sign new recognition agreement

The new agreement shows the positive relationship between PCS and Atos management.

As part of PCS’s continued relationship with Atos in mainly the NS&I contract but also the wider Atos organisation, PCS has just signed a new recognition agreement.

Atos members carry out a range of jobs, mainly clerical and call centre-based roles in Glasgow, Durham, Blackpool and Preston.

Both PCS and Atos management were conscious that the old agreement had become outdated as it dated from 2010 and the landscape in Atos has changed dramatically since then.

The new agreement was signed by Steve Farley, PCS national officer and Ian Warlow, CHRO for Atos, and demonstrates a collective desire to have a collaborative, professional and positive working relationship in the future.

Jim Knotts, group secretary for Atos in PCS said: “The revised recognition agreement will stand us in good stead as we move into a period of major transformation with many members moving to new companies in the future as a result of various TUPE transfers.”

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