PCS goes back to court over pensions

We will be in the Appeal Court on 20 February to challenge the government's intervention on pension cost-sharing, which could have cut employee contributions by 2%.

In 2019 the government intervened to block the operation of pension cost-sharing, which would have cut the employee pension contribution by 2%, after the scheme valuation revealed future scheme costs to be significantly lower than expected.

Last year PCS, along with unions GMB, Unite, FBU, POA and RCN, took proceedings in the High Court to challenge this intervention. When the case did not succeed, the unions sought leave to appeal, which was granted. Our case at the Court of Appeal will be heard over three days starting on Tuesday 20 February.

The government has argued that the additional cost of the McCloud Judgement - by which unlawful age discrimination in changes imposed in 2015 are made good - must fall on the members of the scheme. In fact the current levels of both employee and employer contribution clearly find favour with the Treasury which has intervened to add a similar amount to core scheme costs in the subsequent valuation and branded this as an “economic check”.

PCS is clear that our affordable pension scheme is a key campaign issue and is central to our national campaign to protect and enhance the employment terms of our members.

PCS general secretary Fran Heathcote said: "For far too long you’ve been overpaying into your pensions and this injustice must be rectified.

“It’s a further insult for the government to insist that the burden of righting this wrong should fall on the shoulders of our members.

“This hearing and the escalation of our national campaign are important steps on the journey to fixing the mess this government has made of your pensions."