PCS responds to chancellor's civil service job cut plan

Jeremy Hunt told journalists ahead of Wednesday’s budget that he wanted the number of civil service jobs return to pre-pandemic levels.

In an interview with the Telegraph, the chancellor revealed that he will unveil plans in this week’s budget to crack down on bureaucracy in the public sector and to slash tens of thousands of civil service jobs.

Commenting on his comments about plotting a war on “immoral’ Whitehall waste by slashing one in seven civil service jobs, PCS general secretary Fran Heathcote said:

“I will not take lessons in morality from a chancellor who thinks it’s acceptable for tens of thousands of our hard-working members to lose their jobs in an attempt to win some votes.

“He says public sector waste is immoral because it’s taking money out of taxpayers’ pockets. Does he not realise the civil servants he wants to see lose their jobs are taxpayers too?

“Taxpayers demand, and deserve, the best civil service they can get, and that’s achieved by providing adequate resources to fund the system and pay civil servants a fair wage for the invaluable work they do.”