PCS responds to plans to scrap equality, diversity and inclusion roles

PCS General Secretary Fran Heathcote has said Cabinet Office minister Esther McVey is “playing politics with our members’ livelihoods and well-being” as she announced plans to scrap dedicated EDI jobs in the civil service.

McVey said the Cabinet Office would publish new guidance on EDI and impartiality, which would  also include a block on all external EDI spending in the civil service unless it has been signed off and cleared by ministers. She also plans to make changes to staff lanyards, job adverts and civil service networks.

In a speech today at the Centre for Policy Studies think tank, McVey described dedicated EDI roles in the civil service as “woke hobby horses”, and said the new guidance would “support the civil service to deliver for the public without distraction and division”.

PCS General Secretary Fran Heathcote said: “Time and again, evidence shows an equal and diverse workforce is a more productive workforce.

“Esther McVey is playing politics with our members’ livelihoods and well-being. She would be better spending her time, and her department’s money, on improving our members’ pay and working conditions.”