PCS strike rally in Newcastle for OCS members

Join us at a rally in Newcastle to support our members in OCS who have taken strike action since 22 September over pay.

PCS will hold a strike rally on Friday 29 September at 10:00am at the Civic Centre in Newcastle, where PCS president Fran Heathcote will be joined by colleagues from UNISON, RMT, UCU and others to talk about the success of this action.  

The court security officers have taken four days of strike action over pay, after being offered just 38p above the National Living Wage.   

The rally is intended to coincide with the final day of the current phase of industrial action, which has forced the closure of many courts across England and Wales, caused a large number of court cases to be cancelled or disrupted, and led to courts operating with inadequate staffing levels or using inexperienced or unvetted agency labour.  

In one instance of disruption, a court building had to be evacuated because security guidelines were breached by agency workers. The chaos and health and safety issues at the court underlined the importance of having trained professionals running the security of our courts. 

Join us at this rally in Newcastle to support these low-paid workers who have taken action. Your solidarity would be appreciated.  

Email Steve Swainston at steves@pcs.org.uk for more information or with messages of support.