PCS urges Labour not to water down new deal for workers

PCS General Secretary says it is a “major blow” for members that Labour may be considering weakening its new deal for workers.

Responding to reports that the Labour party is planning to water down its new deal for workers, PCS general secretary Fran Heathcote said such a U-turn does not give people the hope they desperately need.

Reports from the Financial Times claimed that shadow ministers have been discussing their New Deal for Workers with corporate leaders and are looking to unveil a watered-down version of the plan as part of their pro-business push.

In response to these reports, Fran said that "any government, but especially a Labour government with a likely large majority, should be strengthening workers’ rights, their pay and their terms and conditions”.

Leaked on May Day, a fact which was "not lost on members", Fran called reports a “major blow” because of the lack of commitments to addressing low pay and collective bargaining – two key issues for our members.

On the day that these reports surfaced, Fran addressed a May Day rally in Trafalgar Square: “After a decade and a half of misery we need a new Labour government to tackle the issues our members face head on immediately.”

She added that “people want to look to a future that’s filled with hope and optimism, but this latest U-turn does the exact opposite. Ordinary people have been through too much to be let down again.”

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