Unacceptable pay talk delays in EHRC

Members in the Equality and Human Rights Commission are becoming frustrated at the lack of progress in the 2023/24 pay talks.

PCS submitted initial views on the allocation of the 2023/24 pay remit on 24 August 2023 and were assured that dates for negotiations would be agreed shortly.

A delay occurred due to the unavailability of one of the EHRC pay team and key members of the PCS team in September. Further dates were then offered, and 26 October was agreed.

At the last minute this was cancelled due to the unavailability of an EHRC pay team member. When PCS requested that the negotiations take place with a replacement or without this person present, we were informed that they could not supply a deputy.

It is concerning that dates can only be agreed on the basis of the availability of one person in the management team, and suggests a lack of confidence in senior management reps to lead pay negotiations.

Management has apologised and said that they will look to agree a further date as soon as possible, but apologies do not pay the bills. Most civil service and related bodies have either paid the 2023/24 pay remit or are due to pay it in October. It is now looking more and more likely that EHRC will not be able to make a payment until December at the earliest, when the pay settlement date is the 1 April.