Update on pensions appeal case

PCS has been in the Court of Appeal over the pension cost-sharing issue.

During three days in February counsel for the FBU and a coalition of unions, including PCS, presented our case in the Court of Appeal that the government acted unreasonably in blocking the operation of its own cost-sharing mechanism in 2019.

In the civil service scheme this would have cut the employee pension contribution bands by 2%, reflecting the finding in the scheme valuation that future scheme costs would be significantly lower than expected.

The government has argued that the additional cost of the McCloud Judgement, whereby unlawful age discrimination in changes imposed in 2015 are made good, must fall on the members of the scheme. The current levels of employee and employer contribution now return 35% of the civil service pay bill straight back to the Treasury.

PCS is clear that our affordable pension scheme is a key campaign issue and is front and centre in our national campaign to protect and enhance the employment terms of our members.

Along with our sister unions GMB, Unite, FBU, POA and RCN, we await the findings of the court.