Young activists on the rise

Our national campaign has helped galvanise a new wave of active young PCS members, many of whom are getting involved in a union for the first time.

After a momentous year of action for PCS, our young members’ seminar in Newcastle was a chance for young activists from across the UK to share their experiences of recent campaigns and of organising their peers in their networks and workplaces. Younger activists are much needed in every union – to be a vital voice for the challenges their generation faces, and to lead our movement into the future. Please ask your colleagues to join PCS and get involved.

Educating and inspiring

The 2022 young members’ seminar was an ‘awakening’ for Simmeron Katbamna, and one action-packed year later she’s taken up the position of chair of the national young members’ committee (NYMC).

Since becoming active in the London and South East young members’ network – the source of the successful social group PCS Pints – she’s been at the forefront of a cohort of young members who’ve been mobilising to smash the ballot thresholds and go on strike for the first time in their lives.

“Educating and inspiring the next generation of reps and activists has never been so critical, particularly in the face of such dire economic circumstances and political turbulence,” said Simmeron.

“It was because of my experiences at the [2022] seminar that I realised trade unions are the true vehicle for change, and the way to fight injustices both inside and outside the workplace. I realised the union isn’t something separate from me, that I go to if I have a problem at work; the union is me.”

Get involved

If you’re aged 27 or under you can join the PCS young members’ network, the voice of young workers in PCS, wherever they are employed in the civil service and related areas.