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The dream of buying your own home

Lauren blogs about how home ownership is becoming a more and more distant dream for many young members.

Learn to be a rep with PCS - and other things, too!

PCS offers a wide variety of training for reps and also for the wider membership.  Kris explains how new reps are supported through training.

How office closures are affecting young members

Holly explains how HMRC's Building Our Future programme is affecting members of all ages.

We’re not afraid to take a stand at the Foreign Office

Gary Sinclair, PCS rep and head porter at the Foreign Office, explains why he and his colleagues are on strike today

Get involved in the global climate strike

Adriana gives details of forthcoming events that you can get involved with.

Don’t be afraid to speak out

Kevin Scott, PCS National Young Members’ Committee Vice Chair says don’t be afraid to speak out about mental health conditions

Improving young membership across Wales

PCS Wales young members’ convenor Marco looks at events taking place to encourage young workers to join our union and become active trades unionists

Giving confidence and skills to women

PCS recently piloted a new one day course for women, “Pathways for Women Workers”. The course is aimed at giving confidence and skills to women to progress in the workplace and in the union. Alex attended the course in the PCS Newcastle office.

Young workers are the present and the future of our movement

Young workers are at the heart of the changing world of work and it’s vital they have a strong union movement behind them. That’s why one week into the TUC Young Workers’ month, it’s been hugely encouraging to read and listen to the experiences of young PCS members

Get out and vote

Don’t allow apathy to win, get out and vote in the forthcoming general election and PCS General Secretary election, says PCS president Fran Heathcote  

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