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MoD homes privatisation disaster

PCS defence sector group president Chris Dando warns that the mistakes of privatising Ministry of Defence housing are about to be repeated

The unarguable case for ending cuts to pay and services

You can’t make those policies popular, no one will vote for them, it’s electoral suicide. So goes the mantra when you argue for proper funding for our public services and those who work in them.

Why I'm marching against the cuts on 1 July

PCS member says he is joining the People’s Assembly anti-cuts demo to oppose the anti-Trade Union Act, cuts to public services, and policies forcing more and more people into poverty

The Tories have no mandate for further attacks on public servants’ pay and jobs, or further cuts to public services.

We have seen a fundamental shift in British politics at this general election. For the first time in decades there was a clear choice between what the two main parties were offering.

Blaming the actions of individuals on the whole group is the very definition of bigotry

Professor Matthew Feldman of the Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University believes we must all work together towards building bridges, not walls, between communities following recent terrorist atrocities.

Tory cuts have seriously damaged our public services, our communities and our safety

On Monday I spoke at an event — organised by Labour and alongside several other trade unions representing public sector workers — on the impact of cuts to public services and our safety and security.

What's at stake at the general election

Next week sees PCS’s annual delegate conference (ADC) in Brighton. This year’s conference comes in the midst of a snap general election, and one with the clearest choice for decades; from economic policy, to taxation, to public services, the Conservatives and Labour offer fundamentally different approaches.

New PCS learning reps trained and ready to support learning in Newcastle

PCS Northern region learning organiser Clare Hownam explains how our union is giving reps the skills to support workplace learning

Have you registered to vote yet?

The PCS Young Members' Committee stresses the need for young people to register to vote by 22 May and then use their vote in the general election on 8 June.

Let’s kick out the Tories on 8 June

On Monday I spoke at the May Day rally in Trafalgar Square, paying tribute to our Equality and Human Rights Commission members who are involved in a long-running dispute over staff and budget cuts of 75% and compulsory redundancies.

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